Health & Safety | Bright Valeting Group Ltd


Bright Valeting has Health and Safety at the core of its operational activities. In other words, we take Health and Safety at work places very very seriously. The safety of both our staff and our customers are paramount to us.

All our operators are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) to safe guard them against any harm. Besides, they are regularly drilled on the safest ways to use the machineries on sites.

All our operational products are eco-friendly and the necessary COSHH (Control Of Substance Hazardous to Health) informations are provided for their usages.

Business As Usual;
Bright Valeting has in place tried and tested strategy to deal with any emergencies that might occure, without affecting the business of our customers.This is to say that, in the case of any eventualities or disasters, Bright Valeting is capable of bringing the situation under control without compromising on our customers' business.