Spruce & Shine | Bright Valeting Group Ltd


Bright Valeting offers spruce and shine service as an innovative way of assisting our customers to make profits. Spruce and shine is an upgrade of otherwise known as free service wash. This is a premium service the service departments sell to their customers who want quality wash and their cars looking good and smelling fresh.This service is proved to be profit oriented and brings financial gains to the dealership's service department as more and more of their customers opt for it.

Spruce and shine covers the following areas;
1. Vehicles are fully washed with shampoo
2. Alloy wheels are treated with acid and scrubbed
3. Door shuts are cleaned properly
4. The vehicle is fully dried
5. Carpets,mates,seats including the boot are vacuumed properly
6. Windows are well polished both in and out of the car
7. Gear leaver area, dashboard are cleaned and finally
8. The whole car is waxed
9. Tyre Slick

We render this service to the service department at a cheaper quote as our way of saying thank you.